Jules Konig is a Visual and Interactive Designer specializing in UI and Art Direction for wide ranging interactive experiences. Working on the agency side for almost two decades, he's had the good fortune of working on an extensive variety of interactive projects. Some of these projects include products for mobile devices, tablets, in-store kiosks, and interactive tables, interactive museum exhibits, art installations, and iconic landmarks, and welcome experiences for corporate headquarters. Jules has always been on the front lines of innovation. Early on, he led the visual design effort for retail websites that redefined the online shopping and apparel customization experience. Later, he designed first of its kind user interfaces for touch and gesture based devices before touch and gesture was common place. As a designer who tackles difficult challenges with enthusiasm and curiosity, Jules loves every stage of the creative process. He's passionate about exploring new technologies, software, and design techniques in order to become a better designer and collaborator.

Awards & Recognition

• 2017 Horizon Interactive Awards (Gold)• 2017 HOW International Design Awards (Merit Award)• 2016 The FWA of the Day Winner
• 2013 How Interactive Design Awards (Merit Award)• 2012 IxDA Design Awards (Best in Show & Best in Category)• 2012 Communicator Awards (Gold, Interactive Multimedia Children’s Audience & Entertainment and Silver, Interactive Music)
• 2013 Event Marketers Awards (Gold)• 2013 How Interactive Design Awards (Merit Award)• 2013 Event Design Awards (Merit Award)• 2012 Exhibit Design Awards (Gold)
• 2013 How Interactive Design Awards (Merit Award)
• 2013 Event Design Awards (Gold)