Our objective was to reintroduce the role of the transistor into the exhibit, making a relationship with the “1/0” readout - and eventual display of an ASCII character. Visitors interact with the exhibit by pressing buttons on a reader rail. LEDs introduced into the reader rail produce a pulse of blue light that travels upwards and appears to flow up into the screen in the form of animated particles.

My Role —

I was responsible for all of the visual design, UI, animation, and 3D modeling.

Team —

VD/3D: Jules Konig, CD/UX: Graham Plumb, Dev: Ritesh Lala

Out with the old

The old look and feel was dated and not on brand with the current Intel campaign. Additionally, the old exhibit broke down regularly and was difficult to update. Our solution significantly improved the look and feel and we used more robust hardware that was easy to access for any future repairs or changes.


Not all of this project was designing for the screen. I also designed the reader rail that was used by the visitors to input the ASCI letters. Printing the design at scale helped refine the ergonomics and sizing of the user interface. You'll notice that in the paper version, the layout of the UI is different from the final version below it. This was all due to testing the paper prototype.