In 2016, Constellation updated their corporate headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Stimulant and The Brand Experience teamed up to design and develop two interactive experiences. The first experience incorporates a large-format touchscreen which enables visitors to explore a gigapixel photograph of the energy trading floor, while the second is a tablet-based experience, coined The Constellation Customer Experience Interactive. It provides a tour of Constellations’s services across the nation via a custom illustration, to run in a browser on an iPad.

I was hired by Stimulant to lead the Visual Design and Art Direct the illustration. My responsibilities included, visual design research into Exelon’s brand, designing multiple look and feel mock-ups for the UI, sourcing the illustration, and building the city.

ClientExelonMy RoleArt Direction, Visual Design, UI Design, Animation

Trading Floor Experience

Exelon Explorer for iPad

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