Stimulant and The Brand Experience teamed up again to design and develop two interactive experiences; a large-format touchscreen which enables visitors to explore a gigapixel photograph, and a tablet-based experience which provides a tour of Constellations’s services across the nation.

My Role —

I was responsible for the UI design, animation, and construction of the isometric city. We used a kit to build the city, instead of creating our own from scratch due to time and budget constraints.

Team —

AD/VD: Jules Konig, UX: Nathan Moody

Energy Trading Floor Explorer

The Energy Trading Floor Explorer allows visitors to interact with a gigapixel image of the energy trading floor. They can pan/zoom to learn more about each job and dive even deeper into relevant content via text and video.


I put together an animated prototype in After Effects to help tell the story of how the UI would behave.

Constellation Customer Experience Interactive

The Constellation Customer Experience Interactive was the second part of the experience we designed, and is a tablet-based tour of Constellations’s services across the nation via a custom illustration. It was built to run in a browser on an iPad. I designed the UI which included the creation of a set of custom icons for each industry.