I spent 3 years at Fluid as a Visual Designer and Creative Director. During that time, I designed websites for The North Face, Timberland, RBK Custom, JanSport, Charles Schwab, and many more. I collaborated with Interaction Designers, other Visual Designers, Developers, Project Managers, and Client Stakeholders to create beautiful, end-to-end e-commerce solutions that pushed the limits of what was technically possible at the time.

The North Face

I took over as Creative Director for The North Face account in 2005 and was responsible for leading the visual design for the website, micro-sites, and a number of other campaigns for 2 years.

Redesign Concept

We created this animated concept to illustrate our intentions for the next generation of thenorthface.com. Our intent was to showcase the athletes and create a dynamic experience for shoppers that pushed The North Face's brand forward. This animation was created all in Flash!

Endurance 50 Microsite

Endurance 50 is an ultra marathon supported by The North Face. This microsite is just one of several microsites that we designed to support various events and initiatives.


I was Creative Director and Visual Designer and was responsible for both the concept and visual design each month.

LiveWire Microsite

Like The North Face, we designed several microsites to support various JanSport initiatives and to promote the brand.


Online retail store for buying and eventually customizing Timberland boots and shoes. We developed several online buying innovations such as Quick View and deep filtering.


RBKCustom was a custom shoe design website that allowed users to fully customize several different models of Reebok shoes.

RBK Custom - Limited Edition

Reebok worked with various celebrities to help promote RBKCustom.