AD/VD/Animation: Jules KonigUX: Brian YeungDev: Ritesh Lala--Client: Sifteo

As part of Sifteo's initial launch portfolio, we designed a simple music sequencer that focused on interactive learning, spatial reasoning, and collaboration. Our goal was to produce something that incorporated our love for music into a game that was fun for all ages.--Our audience was anywhere between 4 and 90 years old, so I felt it was important to keep things fun and playful. I used vibrant colors, and iconography that was abstract, yet simple and recognizable.



The minimalist and modular nature of the cubes themselves inspired a visual style that was cute, minimal, and quirky, with surprising complexity revealed over time. I was responsible for the look and feel, motion design/animation, and branding. I created icons, sprite sheets for the animation, and all on screen graphics.


2012 IxDA Awards:Best In Show + Best In Category, Expressing