Sifteo cubes are tiny 1.5-inch-square devices with 1-inch screens. They have a 128-pixel-square touchscreen, they are aware of their own orientation, tilt, direction, and proximity to other Sifteo cubes.

Sifteo asked us to contribute to their launch portfolio of games that focus on interactive learning, spatial reasoning, and collaboration. Based on our collective love of music and games, our solution was to make a tiny and simple music toy sequencer that would be fun for all ages. The minimalist and modular nature of the cubes themselves inspired a visual style that was cute, minimal, and quirky, with surprising complexity revealed over time. We named the app LoopLoop, and it went on to win “Best in Category: Expressing” and “Best in Show” awards at the inaugural Interaction Design Awards.

I was responsible for the look and feel, motion design/animation, and branding. I created icons, sprite sheets for the animation, and all on screen graphics.

ClientSifteoMy RoleVisual Design, AnimationVideoStimulant

Best in show + Best in category at IxDA 2012

We were incredibly surprised and honored to win. Especially with such legendary designers and makers as judges!

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