Bezos Center for Innovation at the Museum of History & Industry


Art Direction

Stimulant and Olson Kundig Architects partnered to create 2 exhibits for the newly launched Bezos Center for Innovation at the Museum of History & Industry. The first exhibit featured a mirrored display and depth sensing cameras and the other showcased several video interviews of industry leading innovators.
The reflective interactive surface was new to our team, so as part of our process, we performed a lot testing for contrast and scale. To create a magical experience, we were able to track visitors’ body movements and display them back as a reactive particle system through the use of depth sensing cameras. The cameras also allowed the UI to adjust to visitor heights which personalized each visitor's experience.


Innovating at Scale

The exhibit allows visitors to select from a moving flow of World Class Thinkers and watch short interview videos.
Agency: StimulantUX Designer: John Wayne HillProducer: Kristi TorgrimsonArt Director: Jules KönigVisual Designer/Motion Designer: Greg KaufmanDevelopers: Ritesh Lala, James HurlbutHardware: Stephan WinokurPhoto Credit: Stimulant/Greg Kaufman