The Space Needle


UI/Visual Design

While at Stimulant, I led the UI and Visual Design for two interactive kiosks for the revamp of The Space Needle.


360˚ Teleporter

360° Teleporter takes advantage of Microsoft’s Photosynth technology to give visitors unprecedented access to sites throughout the Seattle area, some of which include swimming through Seattle Aquarium’s octopus tank, walking from the Seattle Sounder’s locker room onto the field along side the starting eleven, and even getting rare access of one of Seattle’s famous Lake Union house boats.
Early Concepts
Before arriving at the final design, I explored different design directions for various parts of the user interface.
We put together a teaser video for the executive stakeholders so that they could see the progress we were making.


Zoomable City

Zoomable City is a gigapixel 360° panorama of the entire city of Seattle. The image was shot from the top of the Space Needle’s spire. Visitor’s can pan and zoom in to incredible levels of detail using a custom-made viewing application, and explore a vast array of historical, cultural and “locals-only” landmarks.