Originally, Microsoft Surface was an interactive table device that retailed for around $10,000. It was first unveiled in May of 2007, five years before the Surface tablets and laptops we know today. When the Surface was first released, it was a big deal. It was one of the first non-desktop, non-mobile multi-user interactive devices to come to market and it was a huge opportunity to make something different. Sadly, not many people remember this “original” Surface, and that’s because the project was killed shortly after the debut of the Surface Pro in 2013.

We were tasked with designing and developing a first of its kind launch app for the Surface. Our client, Microsoft gave us creative freedom to develop something that was engaging and delightful for all audiences and worthy of shipping on the initial release of the device.

I was responsible for the visual design including all front-end graphics, UI, motion design, and visual branding for both the Surface table and mobile devices.

ClientMicrosoftMy RoleArt Director, Visual DesignerVideoStimulant

TouchTones for PixelSense

Our collective passion for music and interaction led to the creation of TouchTones, a multi-user collaborative music maker that doesn’t require any musical knowledge in order to make something beautiful. The instrument took advantage of Surface’s unique camera-based system to leverage finger orientation as well as touch position.

TouchTones for Surface v1

TouchTones for Surface v1 was a proof of concept of sorts. It was the first app that we designed and developed for the original Surface table. It was 720p magic! Seriously though, it was received well and that's why we were asked to redesign it for the updated PixelSense table a few years later.

TouchTones for Windows Phone7

In 2010, we ported TouchTones to the Windows Phone 7 platform which required a significant redesign of the user interface and user experience.

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