WorkFlowy is a mobile and desktop application that consists of a single digital document which allows you to easily organize hundreds of thousands of notes, ideas, and projects. It's basically a document that contains infinite documents inside it.Sounds simple, right? Well, simple is exactly how the thousands of cult-like followers wants it. The product started out as an idea that the CEO, Jesse Patel originally came up with in school to solve a personal need. Over the span of 10 years, it was honed and perfected with regular input from its users. Over time, the product grew and needed some extra design love to take it to the next level. That's where I came in...

My Role —

I was hired to help with 3 things. First, the mobile and desktop app needed a visual update and a more cohesive design language. Second, the WorkFlowy visual brand needed a refresh. This meant designing a new logo, animations, fonts, and colors. Lastly, the website had to be updated to incorporate the new visual style and accommodate some new features.

Team —

UX: Jesse Patel, Michael Leggett, VD/UI: Jules Konig, Dev: Jesse Patel, Jacob Green, Stephano J. Attardi

Logo Redesign

The original WorkFlowy logo was out of date, inconsistently used, and just needed an update. The original concept of using dots and lines was fine because it was easily identifiable, but was inconsistent across platforms and needed some polish. After conducting visual research into various ideas and combinations of the dots and lines concept, the final logo was chosen and was well received by users.

Mobile App

I usually start with a mood board to help define the general visual direction. Mood boards are really handy communication tools for getting all the stakeholders speaking the same visual design language. For this project, I was going for a playful, low-poly, isometric look for the IoT city. The vibrant colors and the iconographic style mixed well with the Intel Museum's visual brand.

"I’ve relied on WorkFlowy for years, and love it. A triumph of minimal, lean UI."

Desktop App

The desktop version of WorkFlowy was a standalone HTML app which allowed us to experiment with some additional functionality, such as a sidebar with bookmarked and shared lists.

Colors & Shapes

The desktop version of the app wasn't just an extension of the mobile app, it was a rethink of how users interacted uniquely on the desktop. We performed extensive research into how our users interacted and tested many different options for each feature. Some of these ideas are illustrated below.